12-Year-Old Girl Plays Guns N' Roses On The Drums Like A Real Professional.

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Nur Amira Syahira is an absolutely adorable 12-year-old Malaysian girl whose drumming skills have already made her somewhat of a local celebrity in her home country, but it's time for her to go global.

Nur started playing the drums just four years ago at the tender age of 8, but she's already won multiple local and national music competitions. She's never had any formal lessons and learned how to play largely through watching YouTube videos of other incredible female drummers like Meytal Cohen, Lux Drummerette, Hannah Ford and Senri Kawaguchi.

Nur has also, unsurprisingly, made several TV appearances and one day aspires to be a professional drummer. If you're interested in seeing more, her self-titled YouTube channel has dozens of great videos of her covering Malaysian, Indian and American songs from a variety of genres. She says she likes "to play the drums with a big smile," which is evident in all her videos.