128,000 Dominoes Fall To Break 2 Guinness World Records.

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In a world that has been consumed by digital forms of entertainment, it's good to see that dominoes are still popular in some circles. Enjoyed by many cultures and people from all over the world, dominoes are thought to have actually originated from China prior to the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368). Since that time, many local variations of games using dominoes have been developed and played, but one of the most universal pastimes involving the tiles is lining them up to fall in a prolonged chain reaction.

Domino chain reactions are a hobby and pastime to some, but to others it's very serious business. The team that set up the domino show that is featured in this video goes by the name of The Sinners Domino Production. Based in Germany, the group consists of 17 builders who share a common goal: "Always to inspire the audience and entertain." In accomplishing this goal, the group has managed to break 19 world records – something they definitely should be proud of.

The setup featured in the video below took the group weeks to construct inside of a small gymnasium in Büdingen, Germany. The painstaking process of setting up 127,414 tiles of dominoes seems almost insane when toppling them took only seven minutes. In the process, however, the group managed to break the world records of destroying the largest domino wall ever built and the largest 3-D pyramid of dominoes ever built. Showcasing cultures from all over the world, this thematic display of toppling dominoes is nothing short of impressive.