13 Crazy Japanese Inventions That You Didn't Know You Needed Immediately

Japan is the land of the weird and the wonderful, and they've come up with some pretty "genius" inventions over the years. Some of these ideas are actually kind of clever, while others just make you wonder what they were thinking.

1. Ramen Splash Protector

2. Butter Grater

3. Shoulder Pillow

4. Solar Powered Cigarette Lighter

5. Karaoke Silencer


6. Pillow In A Book

7. Eye Drop Funnel

8. Infinite Bubble Wrap Popper

9. Subway Sleeper Devices

10. Portable Tissue Dispenser


11. Camera-Assisted Ear Wax Remover

12. Hearing Aid

13. Square Watermelons

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H/T: 9gag

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