14 Food Hacks That Will Make You A Pro In The Kitchen.

Nov 22, 2014

1. Cherry Tomatoes

Credit: Coco Janelle

Find two plates. Put your cherry tomatoes (or grapes, grapes are good too) in-between the bottoms of those plates and start cutting through them with a sharp knife.

2. Kiwi

Credit: womenshealthmag.com

Cut these fuzzy treats in half and eat it with a spoon. That's right, you provide the utensils and nature provides you with the bowls.

3. Mango

Credit: reddit.com

Use the edge of a glass to easily peel the fleshy goodness from a mango. Now you can enjoy mango every day without the hassle.

4. Watermelon

Credit: CrazyRussianHacker

Love watermelon, but hate getting a sticky face in the middle of a hot summer’s day? With two quick cuts, you get all the watermelon without the stick-icky-ness.

5. Mandarin Orange

Credit: JewelPie.com

Cut off a bit of the top, cut off a bit of the bottom, and then just cut deep enough to hit the orange slices. Roll out your reward.

6. Pomegranate

Credit: womenshealthmag.com

Follow the same instructions as the mandarin orange, but make several deep cuts into the middle instead of one. Then gently open up each slice to reveal the good stuff.


7. Avocado

Credit: womenshealthmag.com

I prefer having some avocado spread over my sandwich, but if you want to eat it straight, just get yourself another natural bowl.

8. Cake

This is generally better for one person, but if you hate the taste and texture of stale cake, cut it length-wise.

Then combine what’s left to keep both sides moist.

Credit: Numberphile

Keep doing it this way and you end up with no more stale cake. You’re still cutting cake weird though.

9. Carrots

Credit: eatthelove.com

Why spend more time cutting carrots?


10. Limes

Credit: chefheidifink.com

If you want to make the most out of your lime, four simple slices will get you the maximum juice. You’re welcome.

12. Onions

Credit: adreinneeats.blogspot.com

This is how all the pro chefs do it. Now you know how to do it too.

13. Bananas

Credit: Crazy Bananas

How to peel a banana, monkey style.

14. Artichoke

Credit: veggiebelly.com

Become a master heart surgeon* and remove artichoke hearts without any hassle.

*This does not qualify you to become an actual human heart surgeon. Yes, seriously.

15. Bonus: Get Creative

Credit: instructables.com

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