140-Year-Old Baseball Card Collection Makes Roadshow History

Jan 11, 2015
A woman whose name has not been released for security reasons recently appeared on an episode of PBS's Antique Roadshow. With her she brought a baseball collection that once belonged to her great-great-grandmother and had been passed down 5 generations. Much to the woman's surprise, her grandmother's collection has an estimated worth of 1 million. The woman's grandmother was the caretaker of a boarding house in Boston in the 1870's and housed several of the Red Stockings team's players. These cards are so rare that most experts believed that they no longer existed.

In addition to the cards was a well-kept letter from written and signed by 3 of the players and not just any players; it was from 3 Hall of Famers who missed her and her cooking. Leila Dunbar, the appraiser for the show, said this was the most exciting appraisal of all her 19 years on the show.
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