15 Crazy New Uses For Drinking Straws Around The House

Many of us use straws on a daily basis to sip our favorite drinks. They come in a variety of sizes and colors suitable for the whole family. Straws are easy and durable to use. But have you ever wondered about the other interesting and amazing uses that straws can have?

Think outside the box for once and use straws for more than just sipping a drink. Don't throw away that collection of straws in your junk drawer just yet. 

From pencil holders to saving jewelry, here are a ton of DIY uses for straws all around your house!

1. Tweezers Protection

Zach Hoeken

Have you ever wanted to protect your tweezers from becoming dull? You can actually cover the tweezer tips with a straw to better protect them.

2. Keep Jewelry Tangle-Free


No one likes the headaches that come with untangling chains and necklaces. Slide your chains through a straw to keep them knot and tangle-free.

3. DIY Vacuum Bag

Steven Depolo

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on vacuum-sealed bags, create your own. Use a straw to suck the air out of a plastic bag before placing them in your freezer or refrigerator.

4. Strain Broken Cork Pieces

Derek Gavey

After opening a bottle of wine, you can fish out the broken cork pieces with a straw. Put a straw over the broken cork piece, and place your finger at the other end of the straw to create suction. 


5. Strawberry Trick

Richard Smith

Want an easy way to get rid of a strawberry stalk? You can do so by sliding a straw through the strawberry to easily pop the green stalk out.

6. Funnel Extender


Funnels are nice to have around the house, but sometimes they're not long enough to get the job done. A straw can be used as a funnel extender to help with those odd jobs.

7. Create Fun Spokes


Use colorful straws to create fun and colorful spokes for your bicycle. Simply cut the straws lengthwise and into segments and place them on the each spoke.

8. Use As A Pencil Holder


If you have a notebook or journal you use while on the go, you can create a makeshift pencil holder with a straw. Tape the straw on the side of the notebook or journal, and now you have a pen/pencil holder.

9. Save Your Coffee

Amanda W

Save your coffee from spilling while you're on the go by folding a straw in half and placing it in the small opening of the lid.

10. Keep Track Of Hanging Wires

Dom Pates

Label the various electronic wires with a straw to keep the wires neat and organized. The straws will also keep the wires from splitting and breaking.


11. Label Your Garden

F.D. Richards

Instead of buying garden label stakes at your local store, you can use straws. Cut the straws and label them to create your very own DIY garden.

12. Use Them As Toothpicks

Gerwin Sturm

A straw could be the perfect substitute for a toothpick when you desperately need it. Just bite the end of the straw to create a sharp point to remove unwanted food from your teeth.

13. Unclog A Ketchup Bottle

Mike Mozart

An easy way to unclog that stubborn ketchup bottle is to insert a straw into it. Wiggle the straw around until it reaches the bottom, and the ketchup bottle becomes unclogged.

14. Travel Containers

Tiffany Terry

For the extreme travelers, create your own travel-size containers by using straws to hold things like lotion and makeup. Seal the ends with a lighter or heat sealer.

15. Save Droopy Flowers


Droopy flowers can easily be saved with a few straws. Place the flower stem inside of a straw, and your flowers will be standing up in no time.

Now that you have a few ideas how to repurpose straws, how will you use them?

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