1930 Footage Of Earl "Snake Hips" Tucker Dancing In His Famous Way

Aug 4, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
In this clip from the 1930 MGM short film "Crazy House," Earl "Snake Hips" Tucker demonstrates his amazing talent for dancing. The film details a man's visit to a sanitarium as he contemplates checking himself in, but he soon questions whether it is the patients or the staff who are in more need of help. Along his tour, he encounters the dancer, Snake Hips, and watches him perform. This writhing and wiggling technique is what made Earl "Snake Hips" Tucker famous.

Tucker was born in Baltimore, on August 14, 1906. An actor and dancer, Tucker's unique style brought him success, earning him roles in a number of movies. Tucker passed away at the young age of 30, a few months before his birthday in 1937, but his unorthodox and beautiful dancing will live on forever.
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