1974: Muhammad Ali On The Candid Camera Show.

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When it came to confidence, no one could beat Muhammad Ali. His trash talk was legendary and his self-affirmations were pure poetry. However, in this video, The Greatest may have met his match when it comes to boasting.

Ali may have been a terror in the ring, but he also had a softer side and loved joking around, especially with kids. In this clip from a 1974 episode of Candid Camera, several young boys are asked to give their thoughts on the Heavyweight Champion of the World. They're in for a huge surprise, as The Louisville Lip appears and confronts them about what they just said. The first boy claims he can beat Ali in an arm-wrestling competition, if given the chance. The Champ may have seen a young version of himself in this swaggering tween. Ali never backed down from a contender, and he makes no exception for this young challenger, giving him a chance to put his money where his mouth is. 

Ali was always a controversial figure. While some may not agree with everything he said or did, there's no doubt that he will forever be remembered for his accomplishments inside and outside of the ring. As we look back on such an extraordinary life, it's inspiring to see moments like these that show the warmth and humanity of a man who often seemed larger than life. 

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