365 Days Of Reflection In Just 2 Minutes.

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Creativity, patience, and consistency are the first three words that come to mind after viewing this video. YouTube user Ben Schmidt wrote exactly 365 words to form a message that reflects on the passing of time. Specifically, he wrote it on the passing of a single year.

But, haven't most people reflected on a year before? What makes his reflection different than anyone else's? This is where the three words - creativity, patience, and consistency - come into play. Ben took a video each day of the year, speaking one word of his message.

Although his message might have been written in December 2013, he didn't finish speaking it aloud until December 31, 2014. That type of dedication is priceless and it is definitely what sets his time-lapse video apart from others. Schmidt is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and works for Vecima networks, which is an IT company.