5 Artists Collaborate To Cover The Past 50 Years Of Love Songs

Feb 18, 2015
William Shakespeare once wrote, "If music be the food of love, play on." A great sentiment, but given how many songs have been inspired by love throughout the ages, it makes you wonder if it isn't the other way around. A look at any list of the top 100 songs over a period of time will reveal how much we love songs about love.

This beautiful medley of love songs is performed by talented musician and YouTuber Eric Thayne, with a little help from his friends David Osmond, Ashley Hess, AJ Rafael and Maddie Wilson. The arrangement was done by Eric and Ashley and it spans over 50 years of great love songs. It covers classics by The Beatles, Elvis and Stevie Wonder, and transitions all the way up to new sensations like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.
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