7-Year-Old Girl Goes On A Treasure Hunt Her Parents Planned Before She Was Born

Feb 8, 2016

Here’s a wonderful little adventure provided by two awesome parents to their adventure-seeking daughter. It’s something so many of dream about as children. Finding that long-lost treasure map, and following it to untold fortunes. Maybe with a little mystery and danger along the way. Well, there probably wasn’t too much danger involved for this youngster, but everything else was there.

And she got to live out another little fantasy many children have. Finding that secret passageway. Well, I assume that’s something many children dreamed about. I grew up in a town that was built during the Prohibition and finding secret passages, hidden rooms or just a secret safe or storage space was surprisingly common. I never did myself but was always so jealous to hear the stories of other kids’ homes and the things they found.

I never found a treasure map, either. I wasn’t so jealous of that because there weren’t many pirates in my area, so treasure maps weren’t really a thing. Plus, pirate treasure always seemed like it was more trouble than it was worth. Booby traps and rival treasure seekers always seemed to show up to turn any treasure hunt into a fight for your very life!

Even though there were no threats from men with eye patches in this particular treasure hunt, the results are pretty exciting all the same for a seven-year-old girl and her family, who planned this years in advance and were still able to share in her excitement as she discovered a secret in her very own bedroom.

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