A 7 Year Old And A 64 Year Old Have A Conversation About Aging.

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Historically, several generations of a family often lived under one roof. This was as much to do with financial constraints as anything, but even in the upper classes, it wasn’t uncommon. Children and the elderly were both seen as equal responsibilities for the middle-aged adults in the household. As time went on, at least in America, more independence was sought by young adults, perhaps by the increase in college attendance and that taste of living on one’s own.

These days time seems more precious and spare than money, and so very often elder care is outsourced to retirement homes and other facilities. Still, one thing we’ve lost in a big way is the interaction between our seniors and the very young, like those featured in this video from Irish YouTube channel Facts. Better known for their humorous series of “Irish People Try Things” cultural experiments, this conversation between a precocious 7 year old, and a witty 64 year old is surprisingly beautiful and reaches quite deep in its brief running time.