A Ballerina Returns To The Stage After A Brain Tumor Left Her Blind And Paralyzed

May 30, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Healing can come in many forms. For Anna Mott, a talented 18-year-old dancer, healing came in the form of her lifelong passion - ballet. Anna started dancing when she was barely 3 years old, and at 16 she was on track to becoming a professional. Unfortunately, that was also around the time she was diagnosed with a pineoblastoma brain tumor. Through countless treatments of radiation and chemotherapy, she was able to make a recovery, but nearly died in the process. She came out cancer free, but also blind and partially paralyzed.

Through it all, however, her love for ballet remained. That passion is what guided her through all kinds of therapy. Doctors also say that her excellent physical condition, as a result of years of dance, allowed for her to bounce back a lot more quickly. She has also been able to use ballet to slowly regain some control over her left side, which had been paralyzed.
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