A Beautiful A Cappella Cover Of "Song Of The Lonely Mountain"

Jan 12, 2015
Originally written and performed by Neil Finn for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, "Song of The Lonely Mountain" is covered in this clip by Oregon-based artist, Peter Hollens. What makes Hollens' performance different is every sound that is heard throughout the clip is either sung or physically created by Hollens himself. There are no musical instruments, nor objects used to create these sounds, just Hollens' voice, his mouth and possibly a hand here or there for a clap.

The song was written to develop a dark and mysterious setting early-on in the movie. Heralded as an "epic ballad" by Rolling Stone, this tune entrenches angelic vocals with melodious sounds. And with the slow build, it is easy to see why this song fit the setting of The Hobbit, as it is easy to imagine the characters on their journey. Hollens takes this song one step further with his one-man, multiple sounds abilities.
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