A Blindfolded Muslim Man Puts His Trust In Strangers... With Beautiful Results

Mar 29, 2015
As of late, the religion of Islam has been looked down on in many societies because of negative stereotypes such as extremism and violence. In Sweden, it is no different. In Sweden, there are problems involving few extremist groups but, unfortunately, most Muslim residents are looked at and treated in the same regard as such extremists. Many Swedes see Muslims as dangerous or something to avoid. YouTuber STHLM Panda wanted to discourage this negative thinking by doing something very unexpected.

The YouTuber's name is Ashkan, and he is a Muslim living in Sweden. Ashkan conducted this trust experiment on Queen Street in central Stockholm, standing alone, blindfolded, and asking for hugs. He set beside him a sign reading, "I'm a Muslim. Not the same as a terrorist. Do you trust me? I trust you!" That simple message was enough to open people's eyes.
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