A Boy With Leukemia Gets His Own Personal Parade Of Postal Trucks.

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Postal workers are known for their reliability, but in the town of Clay, New York, it was the mailmen (and women) who could rely upon someone else - that whenever they drove by the Watkins' residence, 17-year-old Matthew Watkins would be there to greet them. Affectionately nicknamed "Matthew the Mailman," the teenager has always had a great affinity for the postal service and has long had a routine of waiting for the mail truck and greeting his local postal worker.

Unfortunately, Matthew was diagnosed with leukemia. His illness prevented him from completing his daily ritual of waiting outside for the mail. His absence was not unnoticed. After days turned to weeks and weeks turned to eight long months, the Watkins' postwoman asked around to see if he was okay, and that's when they found out what was going on. Without any hesitation, the post office knew they had to do something for this young man.

When Matthew came back home recently, they gave him a surprise he won't soon forget: his very own parade of 20 postal vehicles, right at his door. Matthew, who loves the U.S.P.S. so much that he even wore a mailman's uniform during his hospital stay, was absolutely thrilled by this touching gesture. He even received several gifts and a sash! Clearly these postal workers are delivering a whole lot more than just letters.