A Brave Jogger Frees A Trapped And Panicked Ram

Apr 9, 2015

This video was taken by Krystof Wlodarczyk and his son, who were out for a jog through the woods of Konin, Poland. They encountered a wild mouflon ram whose horns had become stuck on a tree branch.

Showing no fear of the panicked animal, Krystof jumped into action and helped it get free. He says these rams are common in the area, so he was familiar with the animal, although he had only seen them from afar up to this point. "I live nearby, so you could say that this is my neighbor," he said as he explained why he wasn't afraid.

Krystof also revealed that moments after the video ended, the ram stopped on a hill and turned to face him for several moments, as if to thank him.

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