A Brilliant Cinematic Journey Through The Heart Of Turkey.

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The travel video "Watchtower Of Turkey" was created by young Italian filmmaker Leonardo Dalessandri. He shot the video during a month-long trip to the country. Then, armed with over four terabytes of data, he spent approximately 40 12-hour days doing post-production work over the course of a year.

Dalessandri shares that he taught himself how to create "complex sound beds and layer sound." He also states, "I cannot tell you how huge an undertaking this project was for me." The video also pulls together both still photography and motion using both timelapse and hyperlapse. Combining the two really takes the individual components to a higher level.

Released in October 2014, "Watchtower of Turkey" was nominated for the Best of Vimeo 2014 and Dalessandri has received offers from producers all over the world to work alongside him.