A Civil War-Era Photo That Baffled Historians Turns Out To Be A Teenage Prank

Apr 16, 2015
One Georgia man has decided to come clean about the origins of a photograph that has baffled Civil War historians for quite some time now. The photograph appears to show the Confederate warship known as the CSS Georgia. The ship was never actually used in battle, with engines too weak to propel the heavily armored body, and it was sunk by Confederate sailors as Union troops took control of Savannah.

With a recent effort to reclaim the CSS Georgia from its watery grave, doubts about the photo's authenticity have come to light. Believed to either be a very rare yet real photo of the ship or an amazingly done fake, the photo would be the only one of its kind. John Potter, of Lenoir, North Carolina, has come forward to tell the truth about the photo. Even now, however, there are doubts that Potter is telling the truth.
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