A Day In The Life Of A "Flavor Guru" At Ben & Jerry's

Jul 5, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Peter Lind is a very happy guy, and he's got great reason to be: Lind is just one of an elite handful of people whose job title is "Flavor Guru" for the one and only Ben & Jerry's ice cream company. Lind's job is to help create the unique, weird and wonderful ice cream for which Ben & Jerry's is famous. He's the man behind the best-selling Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Cherry Garcia flavors. He also has put to rest classics such as Wavy Gravy in the company's "flavor graveyard" for retired recipes. In this video, we spend a day with Lind in the life of a flavor guru and watch him try to come up with the next big innovation: savory ice cream.

Although it may seem like his job is fun and easy, don't be fooled - Lind had 10 years as a professional chef prior to joining Ben & Jerry's and was a teacher at the New England Culinary Institute for another five years. He also advises that anyone looking to get into the flavor guru business to have a very healthy diet, in order to properly taste a lot of ice cream.
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