A Dog Singing Whitney Houston Makes For An Interesting Talent Show.

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On the season premiere of "Belgium's Got Talent," on March 6, there was one act that certainly gained some attention. There have been several dog acts on the series, but Lady Xena's performance stands out. She may have just found her big break.

Lady Xena only favors one artist and one song, Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." Owners Mick Depreytere and Daphnée Naessens are from Ostend, Belgium. The couple told HLB News & Sports that they brought Xena home when she was just 12 weeks old. Then, one day they went to a café, where Xena fell asleep. When the song came on, and she woke up and started singing along.

As she howls her way through Houston's iconic melody, she brings the judges and audience to tears (although it might be from laughter). This star is on her way.