A Dog Who Lost All Of His Paws Is Walking Again Thanks To Prosthetics

Apr 11, 2015
Thanks to a GoFundMe website campaign, this 2-year-old rottweiler named Brutus will walk again, despite having no paws. As a young dog, Brutus suffered at the hands of a neglectful owner, and after needing all four of his paws amputated, he could no longer walk. But thanks to a new owner, the science of prosthetics and strangers' generosity, he will soon be running on his four artificial limbs.

Although sometimes mistaken as a more aggressive breed of dog, the American Kennel Club notes that the dog is usually somewhat reserved with strangers but loving and kind with his family. Known to be extremely loyal and a confident guardian, the rottweiler is the 10th most common breed of dog among pet owners. There is no question that Brutus's owners are equally dedicated to him and to helping him improve his quality of life.
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