A Drill Team Of Golden Retrievers Shows Off Some Precise Moves.

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Golden Retrievers ... can't really say enough good things about them! One of the most popular breeds around the world, they are generally friendly and gentle, but also highly trainable. This show that the Southern Golden Retriever Society is putting on clearly demonstrates their ability to learn!

Consisting of 16 pups and their handlers, the Display Team has spent the last 13 years choreographing and performing obedience routines like this one set to music. The team travels throughout the south of England showcasing their talented pups, sometimes to help raise money "in aid of local hospices and animal charities such as Guide Dogs for the Blind." This particular video comes from their performance at Crufts in 2010. Crufts claims to be the world's largest dog show and is certainly a renowned one; this year marks its 125th year in existence!

While these pups clearly are talented performers, they're not any different than Golden Retrievers who are just good, old family dogs. In fact, the dogs of the Display Team spend most of their time at home with their handlers. Any owner-pup duo could make the team, provided they meet a few criteria. They must be fully-paid members of the Southern Golden Retriever Society, be able to walk in time to a beat and have earned their Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold award or equivalent. Interested parties should be aware, though, that commitment is key; practices are held on a schedule whatever the weather. If you can practice through wind, rain and snow, then you’re sure to put on a perfect show!