A Fluffy Little Dog Tries So Hard To Squeeze Into Teeny-Tiny Boxes

Apr 30, 2015 By Madeleine Brown
I love how determined this sweet pup is to make it work, no matter the challenges. If you're anything like me, the one thing you want to know after watching this video is what kind of dog she is. This cute fur ball is a Shiba Inu, the smallest spitz breed dog from Japan. These pups usually stand about 13-17 inches tall and weigh around 20 pounds when fully grown. Their name is thought to have come from their commonly red coat ("shiba" means "brushwood" in Japanese, a type of tree whose leaves turn red in the fall).

The Shiba Inu was originally bred for hunting and is one of the few ancient dog breeds still alive today. The breed has an independent nature and usually fares best in a home without other small dogs or young children.
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