A German Woodworker's Amazing Use Of A Chisel

Jan 11, 2015
A folk art tradition from the Erzgebirge region of Germany is well-known for its intricately carved wooden items. One such item called span trees, which are decorative trees and ornaments based on the tradition of Spanbaumstercherel, which means "carving trees with intricate, curly branches". This art is specific to that region and the video highlights an artist from the city of Seiffen.

The region is located in the eastern portion of Germany, on the Czech border, nestled in the Ore Mountains and was originally known for its mining opportunities. Up to 60% of the area is covered in forests and the area is now largely known for its wooden crafts. Span trees are created using a method developed in the 1930's, the trees are carved out of linden wood.
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