A Lesson In Charity From "The Andy Griffith Show".

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The Andy Griffith Show was a hugely popular American sitcom show that ran through most of the 1960s. The show depicted the life and times of a widowed small town sheriff (played by Andy Griffith), joined by various other characters such as his bumbling deputy Barney (played by legendary comedic actor Don Knotts) and his precocious young son Opie (played by Ron Howard). The show was a massive hit and has been ranked in the top 10 of greatest shows in American TV history, and reruns can still be seen on TV today.

In this episode, Andy asks Opie about his stingy donation to a charity drive at his school. Andy is visibly disappointed in his son and tries to get Opie to see the value of being a generous and giving person. It seems that Opie isn't quite getting the point, but at the last possible second he reveals a detail to his father that turns the entire situation on its head when Andy realizes that Opie's reason for saving money is actually much nobler than he was first led to believe.