A Little Girl Caught A 5-Pound Bass On Her Adorably Pink Barbie Fishing Rod

Sep 27, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Score one for Barbie merchandise! A video of an adorable little girl named Avery, aged roughly five or six, fishing with her hot pink Barbie fishing rod has been catching everyone's attention. It's not because of how cute she and her little pole are (which they undeniably are) but the fact that she catches and successfully reels in a hefty 5-pound bass. She's got dad encouraging her and helping now and then, but at the end of the day this is Avery's prize and she absolutely earns it for herself.

In case you've never been fishing, reeling in a bass of that size is something that many novice adults might struggle with so the fact that this little girl reels it in is pretty incredible. The fact that she does it on what is essentially a toy rod has many people wondering what kind of steel the rod is made from. I say well done, Barbie (and Avery). This rod is proof that just because something is pretty in pink doesn't mean it's not tough enough to handle a challenge.
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