A Man And His Family Have A Good Laugh When He Gets Caught In A Bizarre Situation

Apr 19, 2015
On their way back from Massachusetts, Clint Chadbourne and his family were returning to their home in Portland, Maine, when they decided to pull over for a break. At that point, for whatever reason, Chadbourne's seatbelt locked up and he could not get out of his daughter's car. His daughter, Kelly, filmed the struggle as Chadbourne and his wife, Bonnie, went back and forth to figure out how to get him out of the car.

Eventually, Chadbourne was freed and to his credit, he handled himself and the sticky situation well. As his wife later posted the video to her Facebook, she asked, "What is hydrophobic?" Poor guy just wanted to get out of the car and ends up as a viral star with injured dignity, but at least he is able to laugh it off. In a follow-up post to the video, Bonnie noted they did not intend for his ordeal to be a viral sensation, but they are glad that it has spread so much laughter.
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