A Meteoroid Explosion In The Night Sky, Caught On Film

Jul 26, 2015 By Mary Madsen
Few things are as beautiful and thrilling to watch as uncommon natural events; a meteoroid explosion definitely fits the bill. While most won't ever see something like this in person, watching this spectacular time-lapse footage is a good alternative.

The man behind the camera, Marc Donahue, never expected to capture something so brilliant on film. When he set up his camera at Shark Fin Cove, north of Santa Cruz, he was just hoping to capture a beautiful, but ordinary night sky. It's hard to tell from the footage exactly what happened, but Donahue made sure to explain for those not present during the event. Each exposure was 15 seconds and the burning dust fell for about 50 frames; that means the dust was raining down for over 12 minutes.
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