A Meteorologist Solves A Wardrobe Malfunction Mystery On Live Television.

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Ever since the advent of television, wardrobe malfunctions have been a part of live broadcasts. Although the mishap in this video was not a major malfunction (like Janet Jackson's at the Super Bowl), it certainly qualifies as one nonetheless.

At St. Paul, Minnesota's Fox 9 TV station, weatherman Steve Frazier was just getting started with his forecast when his malfunction came front and center for the viewers. Much to the enjoyment of his colleagues, Frazier was able to laugh it off while on set and later on social media, as the incident quickly went viral.

The video was first posted to the FOX 9 Facebook page and currently has over 709,000 views. Frazier's response on his own Facebook page? He posted a link to a Daily Dot item about his ordeal saying, "This will never end. All my hard work and my big break comes from a 30 cent wire hanger. Eat your heart out Joan Crawford."