A Missed Connection Decades In The Making

Oct 11, 2015 By Michael W. Pirrone

The ways we connect romantically have changed drastically throughout the years. The common thread is always innovation. That innovation can sometimes cause a little discomfort before society adjusts. Look at how many hands are wringing over the latest dating apps, like Tinder. But did you know that the first woman to place a personal ad in the newspaper, back in 1727, was institutionalized for a month for her groundbreaking act? Since all this revolves around finding love, it’s no surprise that there’s always been something romantic about these various matchmaking endeavors. Literature and film has been there to cover it all, from “The Marquise of O” to “You’ve Got Mail,” there’s been a fictional tale that captures the zeitgeist of that moment’s peak dating experience.

But while many options wax and wane through the years as technology progresses, one particular venue seems destined to become a true legend, both for its staying power and the inherent beautiful loneliness of the format. The “Missed Connections” section of the ever-popular Craiglist website has produced many incredible stories, from true love to true sadness. This particular story falls somewhere in between, but is nothing short of incredible.

Via: Huffington Post | Dom Crossley

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