A Parachutist Makes A James Bond-Style Landing In A Moving Cable Car

Jul 4, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
This may look like a stunt from a James Bond movie, but that's 43-year-old daredevil and speed flyer Arnaud Longobardi actually parachuting into a moving cable car. The stunt could easily have gone tragically wrong, but thanks to pristine conditions and some seriously skillful maneuvering by Longobardi, everything came out alright.

The Frenchman says he's been toying with the idea of doing something like this for over a year, and went over every possible variable - angle, speed, height, etc. - thousands of times in his head before finally going through with it. Then of course, he had to find a cable car company that was willing to allow him to use their car in a stunt that could potentially have gone very, very wrong.
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