A Parent's Surprising Approach To Combat Bullying.

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10-year-old Kaylee Lindstrom is a self-described "4th grade fashionista." There's nothing wrong with being stylish at a young age, but Kaylee's parents were horrified to learn that their fashion-forward daughter was also guilty of bullying other kids at school about their wardrobes. After hearing about how she teased another girl about her clothes, Kaylee's step-mother, Ally, decided to opt out of the traditional grounding and got a little more creative with her punishment.

She took Kaylee to a thrift store and told her to find the absolutely ugliest dresses she could find. Kaylee thought it was a blast picking out these horrendous fashion crimes ... until she learned that she had been shopping for herself! For the next two days, she was made to wear the ugly thrift store clothes to school, where she got to experience for herself what it's like to be teased about something so superficial. It was a valuable lesson that Kaylee is now grateful for. She later apologized to the girl she had bullied and the two are now close friends.