A Real-Life Example Of Superhuman Strength Saves A 3-Year-Old.

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The man in this video experienced what is known as "hysterical strength," aka "adrenaline strength." There have been numerous cases of people in similarly stressful, life-and-death situations, where they overcame impossible obstacles using super-human strength.

Scientifically, it's very difficult to truly explain what goes on in the body, because none of these events ever take place in a controlled lab setting. Our bodies are capable of exerting a lot more force than we use each day. But, exerting this much force decreases the resources needed for other vital areas in the body, like the digestive and immune systems.

Muscles going from 0-100% so fast can also tear easily or rip joints from sockets. Super strength sounds great on a temporary basis but it can come at a price.