A Retired Soccer Superstar Has A Surprise Reunion With His Favorite Teacher

Aug 13, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Ian Wright is a soccer legend in England. The 51-year-old played professionally between 1985 and 2000, including a seven year stretch with the world-famous Arsenal Football Club in London as well as with the English national team. Wright scored 185 goals in 288 games for Arsenal and another 9 goals in 33 games with the national squad. He held the club record for most goals scored until somewhat recently, when he was beaten out by superstar Thierry Henry. In 2008, he was listed fourth in a list of the top 50 players to have ever played for Arsenal.

Growing up, Wright had an unfortunate childhood with a stepfather he describes as a bully and an abusive, distant mother who often tried to discourage his love of soccer by saying "many are called but few are chosen." He was fortunate to have a very supportive teacher, Mr. Pigden, who helped him overcome the behavioral issues resulting from his troubled home life as well as encouraged him to train with more dedication towards becoming a professional athlete. Wright often says that this positive male authority figure at a critical time in his life was a major factor in his eventual success. In this video, Wright visits his old stomping grounds but is in for a heartwarming surprise when Mr. Pigden pays a surprise visit.
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