A Selfless Man Abandons Wall Street Life And Finds Fulfillment In A Pizza Parlor

Mar 8, 2015
While nations across the globe are enduring a long-standing struggle with homelessness, there are many people out there who are constantly crafting new ways to fix the problem. From building portable homes to giving care packages, people are determined to put a stop to homelessness. One former Wall Street wiz found a new way to contribute to the solution.

26-year-old Mason Wartman started Rosa's Fresh Pizza, a pizzeria in Philadelphia, in 2013. His restaurant features one-dollar pizza slices as well as a fresh take on paying it forward. Customers are able to pay just a dollar more and provide someone with a "free" meal later. Mason's idea of paying it forward with just a wall of sticky notes has allowed Rosa's to serve over 8,000 slices of pizza to the homeless.
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