A Simple Update To The Faceplate Of Your Outlets Instantly Brings Them Into The 21st Century

Apr 2, 2015

Ever struggled to find a USB port or cord to charge your devices? The amount of items that require a charge via USB has grown dramatically over the past few years and, with that, the struggle to "find the charger" has become a daily one for many. Well, a new start-up company may just have the answer for everyone. Their idea does not require any knowledge of electrical work, since no wiring is required to complete this task.

The SnapPower Charger intends to turn every existing electrical outlet in the home into an "outlet and then some" by adding a USB port. This works by taking their amazingly designed wall cover plate and replacing the current plates that are in the home. The SnapPower Charger features a pair of metal prongs that extend around the existing outlet and make contact with the metal screws that hold the outlet's wiring in place.

A simple solution to a frustrating problem experienced by most people daily, the SnapPower Charger is currently in prototype form. Instead of charging an extreme amount for their product, the creators have elected to get started using Kickstarter.


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding campaign that is hoping to raise $35,000 to take the prototype to a consumer-ready stage. By using Kickstarter, they are asking for preorder sales at the inexpensive rate of just $16 (or as low as $12 for early bird orders).

They can also be purchased in multi-packs, which will bring the individual price even lower. They are also available in two styles and in three different colors. If you have never participated in a crowdfunding effort like Kickstarter, this might be a good time to check it out because it is likely these products will shoot up in price once the consumer-ready product is released.


Currently, the prototypes are already being sold on Amazon and have received extremely positive product reviews. If all goes as planned, these consumer-ready products may be in homes as early as August 2015 and people will be replacing some, if not all, of their outlet covers without ever even speaking to an electrician.

Credit: Gizmodo | SnapPower | Kickstarter

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