A Strange Concoction Turns A Man's Skin Blue.

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Paul Karason spent the latter part of his life with argyria, or silver poisoning. With argyria, silver particles build up in the skin tissue creating a blue hue. Karason noticed the change in his skin color when he began drinking and using a solution known as colloidal silver. He saw it advertised in a magazine as a way to cure common ailments, and he adamantly believed it had cured his arthritis in his shoulders and his acid reflux.

A quick search on the internet for colloidal silver turns up several sites dedicated to the concoction, as well as many medical-based sites. For instance, the Mayo Clinic has an entire page of its site dedicated to the topic, and focuses on the fact that silver has no known purpose in the human body. It goes on to say that although there are claims that the product is a cure-all, there are no scientific studies proving the supplement's effectiveness. In fact, it goes on to say that it is unknown at what point the silver levels become dangerous; however, taking the colloidal sliver is known to cause argyria.

Karason died in September 2013 from complications following a heart attack. He was a heavy smoker and had undergone a triple bypass surgery in 2008.