A Touching Reunion Between Sisters Who Were Separated For 40 Years Ends With A Special Surprise.

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In 1975, the radical Khmer Rouge regime seized control of Cambodia. Over the course of the next four years, under the leadership of the tyrant Pol Pot, an estimated 1-3 million Cambodians (mostly religious minorities) were killed in what is now recognized as one of the worst genocides in history.

The Khmer Rouge evacuated everyone out of the cities and into forced agrarian work communes. Those who weren't killed for being a minority, having any ties to the old government or foreigners, being an intellectual, being disabled or even having glasses (it's true) often succumbed to starvation and exhaustion from overworking.

The regime also didn't believe in families, so millions were separated from their loved ones and sent to be raised at the communes. A Cambodian show called "It's Not A Dream" seeks to reunite families again, and this very special episode sees two sisters reuniting after 40 years.