A Toy Designer Created A Game To Help Spark Original Ideas

Jun 28, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
Being a toy designer sounds like it would be the most fun job in the world. After all, your whole job is to play around, right? Sadly, even though it's a fun job, it's still a job. It's also a business - which means there are bosses to report to and marketing and analytical data to consider, consumer reports to read and a whole lot of other stuff that isn't exactly made to spark the childlike sense of creativity you'd think you'd need to make great toys.

That's exactly what master toy designer Shimpei Takahashi was going through, with bosses pressuring him to pay more attention to data when coming up ideas. Thankfully, he didn't take that advice to heart too deeply and came up with a fun word/letter association game that helped him create some of his best-selling ideas (including my favorite, the endless bubble wrap popping toy). Though metrics and data certainly have their merits, Takahashi advises that when it comes to creativity it's probably best to ignore all that.
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