A True Gentleman

Jan 2, 2016 By Archit Tripathi

They say love knows no bounds, that there are no limitations that love will not find a way to overcome. Love is the feeling you have when you know that you would do anything for that special person. I'm lucky enough to know how that feels because of my beautiful wife. For Kylle Cota of Pensacola, Florida, that special someone is his girlfriend, Kortney Reid.

Kortney is diabetic, which means that she has to closely monitor and regulate her blood sugar levels. A big part of that is taking measurements of your blood sugar at regular intervals throughout the day. Because our bodies are still at work while we're sleeping, for diabetics this can sometimes mean having to get up in the middle of the night to take another reading. Kortney's a lucky girl though because Kylle cares so much for her, he takes on the task of staying up until 4 a.m. in the morning every night to check her blood sugar - while she enjoys uninterrupted sleep. You're a good, good man Kylle and you've raised the bar for devoted partners everywhere.

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