A Very Strange Elevator In Denmark Is One Of The Last Of Its Kind

May 8, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
The paternoster is an early type of passenger elevator consisting of a chain of open compartments so that passengers can get in and out at any floor they like. The entire system of carriages works on a slow loop without stopping, so you could potentially draw comparisons to an escalator or a water wheel. The paternoster has been largely phased out of most buildings due to safety concerns, but a few still survive to this day. The largest surviving paternoster is in the Arts Tower at the University of Sheffield in England. The elevator seen in this video is a TITAN model in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Latin name paternoster, which translates to "our father" (the first two words of the Lord's Prayer), was given to this style of elevator because the looping nature of the carriages is reminiscent of the rosary beads that are used to aid in the recitation of prayers.
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