A Wolf In Mouse's Clothing

Aug 19, 2015 By Archit Tripathi
The grasshopper mouse is native to the southern deserts of the United States. Although they look like any old mouse, these little critters are anything but average. Grasshopper mice have been known to "howl" into the night sky, even raising their noses to the moon and getting on their front feet to really give it the full wolf-like effect. It is believed that this howl is usually in close conjunction to a fresh kill and is also used to warn off other mice that this territory is spoken for.

Beyond this odd behavior, grasshopper mice are also among the most aggressive mice in the world and one of just a few species (and the only one in America) to have a mainly carnivorous diet. They are immune to the poisonous sting of animals like snakes, tarantulas and even scorpions. They regularly eat bark scorpions, whose sting is said to be like putting a cigarette out on your skin followed by hours of dull throbbing. Miraculously, not only is the grasshopper mouse immune to this venom, it actually uses the venom to trick its brain into switching off pain receptors, thereby turning painful venom into a painkiller.
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