A World Beatboxing Champion Took Three Years To Record This R&B Song

Sep 9, 2015 By John-Michael Bond
Tom Thum has come a long way since he started rapping in the Brisbane, Australia hip-hop scene. One of the few hip-hop artists ever asked to give a TED Talk, Thum has also won the World Beatbox Championship team competition and came in second at the Scribble Jam Beatbox Battles. His art has taken him to every corner of the world. It was during those travels that he recorded the song "Word To Spread." How long did it take exactly? Three long years.

Utilizing the natural ambient noise from different locations -- a beach, a mountain, a street corner, etc. -- as well as his beatboxing and vocals, Thum carefully crafted this subtle, yet gorgeous R&B song. Thum shot the video utilizing a range of cameras, from an iPhone to an SLR. The result is something that would sound right at home on pop radio. It's a remarkable feat of planning, engineering and old-fashioned vocal ability. Take a look and listen.
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