Adele Hilariously Pranks Some Jamba Juice Employees With A Little Help From Ellen.

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Celebrities often get a bad rap for their supposed eccentricities. Many celebrities talk about how hard it can be to just go out and do any activity that a non-celebrity can do without getting accosted by paparazzi, energetic fans, and their own self-image. When you’re one of the most well-known people in the world, your behavior, reputation and personality precede you, whether deserved or not.

Adele is certainly quite the celebrity. She’s been having an unrivaled level of success lately in the music industry, and her songs combine that perfect amount of catchiness and talent that makes them irresistible for singing at the top of your lungs in your car, in your living room, basically anywhere you can get away with singing something at the top of your lungs. Also probably a few places you can’t get away with it.

But is Adele an eccentric diva? We hadn’t heard much about this notion and from her many interviews she certainly seems quite grounded. But Ellen decided it might be fun to cast her as the prototypical “weird” celebrity when she sent Adele into a Jamba Juice with a headset for commands and a purse full of pranking props. The moment she begins munching on a handful of wheatgrass she’s just harvested herself, you begin to really feel for the employees, but they take it all in stride and hopefully earned themselves a bonus.