Adele Is Better With Sir David Attenborough's Voice-Over

Nov 4, 2015 By John-Michael Bond

When Adele returned to the world of music after a brief hiatus, the world responded with an understandably passionate fury. The video for her new single “Hello” has racked up 223,737,427 views since its debut on October 22nd, with no signs of slowing down. She’s become a force of nature in pop music, and what better way to celebrate a force of nature than to have Sir David Attenborough provide color commentary for it?

That’s just what BBC’s Radio 1 did this past week when they had the golden-voiced documentarian behind Planet Earth and Life sit down behind the mic and provide his soothing commentary over the video, to great comedic effect. You are about to witness two of England’s greatest exports join forces for the first time. Behold the Sir David Attenborough and Adele mashup you never knew you wanted. Enjoy. 

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