After Being Paralyzed For 11 Days, A Girl Gives Her Favorite Nurse A Wonderful Surprise

Apr 23, 2015 By Christi Mulligan
Any hospital stay is difficult and is a disruption to everyday life, but the care that is given while in the hospital usually determines if the stay is described as a good experience or a bad one. Although it helps if all hospital staff are friendly, attentive and well trained, the most constant form of contact is usually with nurses and their certified nursing assistants. During my own stays in hospitals, it is almost always the nursing staff that I remember the most, and I have a feeling that Bailey Miller and her family might share that same sentiment.

Miller was admitted to a Texas hospital after she lost all feeling from her waist down. As if the sudden paralysis was not scary enough, doctors were unable to explain why this was occurring. After 11 days of no movement, she regained feeling. Instead of allowing hospital staff to share this news with her favorite nurse, she asked that she be the one to be able to make the big reveal. Luckily, Miller's mom, Becky, was there to capture the nurse's reaction on camera.
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