After Losing His Eyesight, An Artist Creates Paintings With Stunning Color

Apr 18, 2015
John Bramblitt is a remarkable painter from Denton, Texas. His stunning, vividly-colorful artwork has been displayed and sold in over 20 countries. He's appeared on CBS, ABC and BBC, and has been featured in The New York Times. He's also received the award for Most Inspirational Video of 2008 from YouTube, as well as three Presidential Service Awards. By the way, did we mention John is blind?

Developing blindness in his early 30s, due to complications with epilepsy, John had started to grow despondent with his condition, until he discovered painting. Using raised lines he can touch, John can "feel" the drawing. He has braille labels on his paints, and blends them to create various hues according to precise recipes he has memorized.
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