Airplanes Are Hiding Secret Rooms

Jun 7, 2016 By Jake Brannon

Airplanes are a feat of modern engineering. They come equipped with high-tech computers, enough seats to accommodate a small army, and enough peanuts to satisfy the hunger of a single person. As much fun as it is to complain about the cramped seats and annoying passengers on airplanes, you have to admit they're pretty cool. Granted, I would never want to spend more than a few hours on one, which is why working as a flight attendant seems like one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

Imagine spending your entire work week flying all around the world. One morning you're in the United States, the next day you're in China, and, after that, who knows? Surely this lifestyle must get exhausting after a while, so where do flight attendants go to relax? Most office jobs have a break room where employees can get away from their desk, order something from a vending machine, and unwind. This probably isn't news, but airplanes are notoriously small. There's hardly enough extra space to store a piece of carry-on luggage, much less an entire room where flight attendants can go on break.

As it turns out, many commercial aircraft come equipped with hidden rooms that are reserved exclusively for flight attendants and pilots. While they may not be the roomiest accommodations, they're certainly a step up from a seat in coach. Check out the images below for a sneak peek at the parts of the plane passengers are never allowed to go.

Going to work at 39,000 feet might sound glamorous at first, but it gets old pretty fast. Flight attendants need a break just like everyone else, and it's tough to relax in the main cabin.


When they aren't conducting the safety demonstrations or handing out peanuts, have you ever wondered where the flight attendants go?


You may have seen a sign like this one on your last flight. But where could they even fit an entire rest area for the crew?

David Parker Brown

Believe it or not, right above our heads!


Here's an example of what the crew rest area might look like on a Boeing 777. Sure, it's small, but you can't put a price on having some space to yourself after hours on a crowded flight.



On the Airbus A350, the crew's area is a little more noticeable. Situated in the back of the plane, it hangs down above some of the passengers' heads.

Australian Business Traveller

Sometimes, pilots are even given their own private quarters. Here, they get to enjoy a bunk, reclining chair, and a sink for freshening up.


Don't worry, the flight attendants aren't stealing any space that could be used to make you more comfortable. As you can see, their rest areas aren't exactly the height of luxury.

Airline Updates

The beds are six feet long and two-and-a-half feet wide. Really makes you appreciate your break room, doesn't it?

Australian Business Traveller

There's no such thing as privacy for flight attendants.

Australian Business Traveller

Flight attendants access these hidden rooms by using a ladder that drops down from the overhead compartments.


Sometimes, they use discreet staircases behind doors. These entrances have been hiding in plain sight!

Malcolm Muir


The Airbus A380 utilizes a secret hatch to access the crew rest area, which is situated below the cabin.

Australian Business Traveller

Down below, you'll find rows of bunk beds that look like ones you'd find in an RV.

Australian Business Traveller

The bigger the plane and the longer the flight, the more the crew is required. On flights exceeding 12 hours in length, the entire crew has to be swapped out midway through, which means there could be up to 18 crew members on a single flight!

Australian Business Traveller

I would have never guessed that nine people could all sleep in such a small space.

Australian Business Traveller

Some of the bigger planes even come with nicer accommodations. Most of us probably wouldn't mind spending the night here.

Juan Carlos Guerra

Unfortunately, we're still stuck in coach ...


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