An Adorable Baby Laughs At The Strangest Thing

Mar 19, 2015
One of the best joys in life is hearing a baby or a young child laugh. Sometime last month, YouTube user Tim W was at home when his wife, Julie, came home from work. While he and Julie chatted, she held their 4-month-old Ashlyn and sat down to grab a quick snack of Tortilla chips. Much to their delight, they realized that their little cherub was hysterical with laughter every time her mommy bit into another crunchy chip.

Luckily, Tim thought to record young Ashlyn's reaction and posted it for family and friends on Facebook. After some nudging, since the clip was so cute, Tim eventually uploaded it to YouTube last Saturday, and it went viral. Tim and Julie told "The Today Show" website that they have no idea why this cracks up their little girl, but also shared that this is the only food that she responds to with giggles (so far).
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